Jute Gunny Bags

Jute Gunny Bags

Gunny bags are basically made of burlap which is a woven fabric made of jute. It is also known as burlap bags as it was used to ship agricultural products such as wheat, potatoes and coffee in the olden days. As these bags are made of jute material it is strong and difficult to dispose.Cost effective and cheaper than plastic and paper bags. Strong and can carry more weight as compared to promotional carry bags. Durable and long lasting, not easy to tear like Plastic and Paper bags do. Jute has good insulating and antistatic properties, low thermal conductivity and a moderate moisture regain.

cocoa jute bags

We are a company that is environment conscious for packaging materials. Our range of Cocoa jute bags is eco-friendly and biodegrade.

Jute Promotional Bags

Jute Promotional Bags are very common these days, as a result of which, there are many companies which adopt this ecologically friendly way of promoting their brand. As one of the top jute bags suppliers we also manufacture promotional jute bags & handmade jute bags. For the purpose of branding, these bags can be used as high-quality marketing tools as we can print anything onto our bags.